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SunMaxx Solar Hot Water & Heating Systems

SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heaters

The SunMaxx evacuated tube collector works great in residential and commercial solar water heater systems as well as solar pool heating and other similar applications. Evacuated tubes are the most efficient solar collector used for water heating. These units perform excellent in any location and the improvement is particularly noticeable in colder climates and on darker days.

Silicon Solar Inc offers a variety of stock and customized evacuated tube collectors for solar hot water heating systems. For more information, please contact our sales department or a local distributor.

Solar Hot Water Heaters

Solar Hot Water Installation Services

SunMaxx is offering a new service for its New York State customers; SunMaxx Professional Installation Services. A SunMaxx trained professional will come to your home, and install your new SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heater.

The installation service covers everything; from the collectors on the roof, to all of the necessary internal plumbing and connecting. At SunMaxx, we feel that we know our products better than anyone, and this is a great opportunity to recieve every facet of you solar hot water heater direct from SunMaxx - from design to sale, from shipping to installation. All in one convenient place.

Solar Hot Water Installations

Choosing The Right Product & Getting Started

Pre-Packaged DIY Hot Water Kits

Our do-it-yourself pre-packaged solar hot water kits are the perfect solution for home and business ownwers looking to install a new solar hot water or solar heating system on their own, without the added cost of hiring a professional installer. With these great, ready-to-go out of the box kits, you can started for less than $4000.

DIY Solar Heating Kits

Custom Solar Hot Water Systems

Let our experts design your hot water heating system for you! Take the risk out of your investment by letting our SunMaxx certified consultant prepare a quotation on your residential or commercial solar hot water heating system. Simply fill out a short questionnaire and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Solar Hot Water Systems

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