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Drainback Solar Hot Water Retrofit Kit Evacuated Tubes 40-50

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4>40-50G Drainback Solar Hot Water Retrofit Kits with Evacuated Tubes4>

Drainback Systems are the simplest Solar Hot Water Systems to purchase/install, and require far less maintenance than any other type of Solar Hot Water System. Additionally, Drainback Solar Hot Water Systems can be installed anywhere in the United States because of their simple, gravity based freeze protection, which is as efficient (or more so) as a pressurized glycol system.

The unique component of a Drainback Solar Hot Water System is the Drainback Reservoir, which allows water, or a water-glycol mix HTF to drain out of the Solar Collectors and the manifold when the system is inactive, preventing the HTF from sitting in the manifold and exterior piping, which prevents freezing and also extends the life of the manifold and solar collector in general.

There are several distinct advantages that a Drainback Solar Hot Water System has over other Solar Hot Water Systems. These advantages include:

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