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SunMaxx Solar is the Solar Hot Water Heating Division of Solar Energy Powerhouse company, Silicon Solar Inc, which for more than a decade has developed, manufactured, and distributed leading solar powered products for everyday consumers.  Through the latest scientific and engineering breakthroughs, Silicon Solar Inc’s impressive technology converts the raw, untapped power of the sun and transforms that power into electric needed by electronic and other electrical equipment and appliances.

Silicon Solar Inc was founded humbly by two Cornell Graduates who had a vision of building the world’s foremost research and development firm dedicated to providing the latest innovations in solar technology.  Seven years later, Silicon Solar Inc has grown to offer the world cutting edge solar technology, a full design, manufacture, sales, service, and support team, and has become one of the top innovators and suppliers of solar energy technology in the United States.  Having served over 50,000 unique customers, ranging from our neighbors, friends and family, all the way to the United States Government, Silicon Solar continually aims toward providing our customers with the quality solar energy products they demand at the low prices they are always looking for.  Our showroom is open to the public with a full technical support staff ready to handle any questions you may have.

As time progressed, Silicon Solar began to notice an ever growing and interest for Solar Hot Water Heating Solutions – affordable, easy to install solar collectors for heating hot water for domestic, commercial and industrial uses.  Shortly thereafter, the SunMaxx Solar Division was launched – a specialized unit within Silicon Solar dedicated to the design, manufacture, and distribution of Solar Hot Water Heating Systems that are efficient, affordable, cost-effective, and always available directly through Silicon Solar Inc, or our chain of national and international resellers.

The product line, once non-existent within the company now includes a full sales, service and support team, 2 dedicated websites, and a number of products including, Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors, Flat Plate Solar Collectors, Thermosyphon Solar Collectors, Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems made with Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors and Flat Plate Solar Collectors for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Hot Water, as well Solar Pool Heating and Radiant Floor Heating, Solar Hot Water Storage Tanks, and Solar Hot Water Circulating Pumps & Controllers.  The SunMaxx Team is consistently working on new products, technologies and solar solutions – so please be on the lookout for new and exciting advances in the field of Solar Hot Water Heating from SunMaxx Solar in the near future.

Our Mission:
At Silicon Solar, we aim to build a sustainable future for our global community.  In today’s high-energy consuming world, we offer world-class solar energy and renewable products, striving to meet the increasing need for alternative energy sources.

Our operational excellence and product leadership in the solar energy industry has enabled us to pioneer the development and distribution of new solar technologies and services.  From the design room to product installation, the goal of our team is to provide an educational network and value chain, with customer service as our number one priority.

Our forward thinking model includes the establishment of multi-national offices to better serve the emerging markets and developing nations around the world.  At Silicon Solar, we work to build and

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