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Video: SunMaxx Flat Plate Solar Collectors

Solar Flat Plate collectors are still some of the most cost efficient methods of heating your home or collecting your potabl hot water. Depending on your location and how much your demand for hot water really is solar flat plate collectors can be the best decision out there for alternative energy. Each of our solar […]

Video: Commercial Solar Hot Water Installation

Our SunMaxx solar hot water systems can be used for a vartiety of uses with solar hot water. This example shows the SunMaxx solar hot water system being used in a commercial environment for an office of 50 employees. Provides solar drinking water shower water and 2 bathrooms using our 40 Gallon hot water tank.

Video: Commercial Solar Hot Water System

This SunMaxx20 evacuated tubes set runs in parallel with a total of 6 SunMaxx20 systems for a total of 120 tubes. These tubes collect enough heat to power this small office building of 20 employees and a 5000 square foot building allowing. The hot water runs down through the roof into the radiant floors and […]

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With more than 350 dealers nationwide, SunMaxx solar has the fastest growing solar thermal network in the country. Become a certified solar thermal installer and start installing solar thermal systems today! Call us at 800.786.0329, or fill out the quick application form below...

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