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Drainback Solar Hot Water Systems

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Drainback solar hot water systems are low-cost residential solar hot water systems that are ideal for use in warmer, southern climates (typically along the sunbelt and southwest of the United States). A Drainback solar hot water system can be easily installed, requires a minimal upfront investment and delivers the same powerful performance of other solar hot water systems.

To make your purchasing decision as easy as possible, we offer a number of pre-packaged drainback solar hot water kits that make sizing, choosing, purchasing and installing your new solar hot water system easier than ever before.

Take a look at our pre-packaged drainback solar hot water systems below.

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1">Warm/South Kits
2">Starting At: $ 2,437.09
3">After Federal Tax Credit
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HelioMaxxDB-080-SDB 90">1-4 90">Drainback 90">Call
HelioMaxxDB-120-SDB 90">4-6 90">Drainback 90">Call
HelioMaxxDB-120-NP 90">4-6 90">Non-Pressure 90">Call
HelioMaxxDB-160-NP 5-8 Non-Pressure Call

* All Kits Require SunMaxx Evacuated Tube or Flat Plate Solar Collectors

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