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SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector – New SunMaxx Solar Flat Plate Collector



The Brand New SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is one of the industry’s most efficient, affordable and durable flat plate collector models. The SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is the next evolution in SunMaxx’s goal to bring every solar thermal customer, just like you, a flat plate collector that performs beyond expectations, delivers the the highest efficiency, and is affordable on every budget.

The SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is perfect for integration with your existing gas, propane or electric hot water system, allowing a small SunMaxx Flat Plate Collector system to eliminate up to 80% of your hot water heating costs – in other words, a SunMaxx Flat Plate Collector will save you hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs.

The SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is typically recommend for use in warmer climates simply because they are designed with larger absorber areas that are not insulated from the colder weather. The SunMaxx evacuated tubes prove to be more efficient in colder climates and are recommended for use is these areas. However, because of the incredible advances in efficiency and durability made to the SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector, this flat plate collector can also be used successfully in non-extreme mid and northern locations and climates.

The SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is designed for maximum efficiency and heat retention, leading to a better overall solar hot water system performance, additional savings and a higher overall return on your investment. Because of the lower price of aluminum vs copper, the SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is able utilize a thicker aluminum absorber plate, which increases the efficiency of the SunMaxx Flat Plate Collector by up to 2%, without increasing the end-user cost.

As the absorber plate heats up it begins to radiate energy as infrared (IR) or heat radiation. Glass is essentially opaque to IR wavelengths so the heat is trapped increasing the temperature within the flat plate collector.  Therefore, the SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector can create a greenhouse effect inside, which maximizes the amount of solar radiation entering the collector, and minimizes the amount of solar radiation that is able to exit.

Whether you are looking into a small, 1 or 2 flat plate collector system or a larger, multiple flat plate collector system, the new SunMaxx-M2 Flat Plate Collector is the perfect combination of industry-leading performance and affordable pricing for nearly every solar hot water application and every budget.

Why Go With SunMaxx:

Supply Chain Management: Silicon Solar Inc has partnered with one of the world’s largest manufacturer of evacuated tubes enabling us to offer a reliable technology at an affordable price. As the demand for solar energy products increase, it is important to ensure your supply will not be affected like similar PV installers have experienced. SunMaxx offers real time updates of your order to ensure that you are able to spend less time on logistics and more time in sales & marketing.

Value Added Services: Silicon Solar offers a variety of solar energy products which parallel the solar hot water heating industry. Our all-in-one shop allows you to consolidate purchasing schedules into one supplier. We are always adding new products to our inventory, so please let us know if there is something you believe we should be carrying to support our dealers and installers. In addition, we offer value added marketing services including marketing brochures, power points presentations, installation & sales training, and online marketing tools to enhance your markets exposure. For more information, please contact a sales specialist today.

Better Performance – Better Price = Better Value: In independent testing by the SRCC (Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation) SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors have proven themselves to be a better value than the leading competition. Our Solar Collectors delivered higher performance (28,000 BTU/Day) than the competition, and our low prices mean you get more BTU per $ spent. This means SunMaxx customers experience a rare combination: the best product at the best price. See SunMaxx’s SRCC Performance Data or Compare SunMaxx Vs the Competition!

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Pending SRCC Testing: Our collectors are currently pending an SRCC certification test.
Solar KeyMark Certified: This collector is Solar KeyMark Certified for all european countries.
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Type Of Flat Plate Solar Collector Flat Plate Collector for on-roof, flat-roof and facade mounting
Dimensions 73.6″ x 45.3″ x 3″
Gross Area 23.1 ft2
Absorber Area 21.5 ft2
Aperture Area 21.5 ft2
Dry Weight 81.6 lbs
Liquid Volume 0.46G
Nominal Flow Rate 21 GPH (0.35 GPM)
Nominal Pressure Loss 160mbar (water, propylene-glycol, 68 F)
Collector Connections 2 connectors at top – 12mm for compression fittings
Absorber Type 12mm / Serpentine, laser-welded to aluminum absorber plate
Absorber Coating Highly selective on aluminum
Absorption / Emission 95% / 5%
Covering Low iron, clear, solar safety glass (ESG)
Transmission of Covering 88%
Cover Impact Resistance Passed optional impact resistance tests following EN12975-2
Insulation Mineral wool / 1.2″
Collector Frame Material Powder coated aluminum
Efficiency eta 0: 77.6% (relative to aperture area)
Heat Loss Coefficient – a1 (k1) 3.95 W/(m2K)
Heat Loss Coefficient – a2 (k2) 0.0165 W/(m2K)
Maximum Stagnation Temp. 375.8 F (191 C)
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar
Silicon Solar Warranty 1 Year


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