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Pre-packaged Solar Hot Water Systems Flat Plate Collector 80

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16.11 degrees Celsius">3>Pre-Packaged Solar Hot Water Systems16.11 degrees Celsius">3>

Available Systems

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15.56 degrees Celsius">4>16.67 degrees Celsius">26.67 degrees Celsius">80 Gallon Solar Domestic Hot Water with Flat Plate Collectors15.56 degrees Celsius">4>

In warmer climates, it is often more cost effective for our customers to use flat plate collectors than evacuated solar collectors.  That is why Silicon Solar has launched these new products – prepackaged Solar Hot Water Heating Systems made with our industry leading SunMaxx Flat Plate Collectors.

This pre-packaged system will generate roughly 16.11 degrees Celsius">302.83 litres">16.67 degrees Celsius">26.67 degrees Celsius">80 gallons of hot water a day, perfect for medium households of 15.56 degrees Celsius">15.56 degrees Celsius">4 or 15 degrees Celsius">5 people (depending on water usage), and will cut a dramatic amount off of your annual hot water heating costs.  In fact, a recent study by the California energy commission recently found that the average household can save up to $700 annually on their hot water costs by installing a solar hot water heating system.  And, with Federal and State incentives, credits, and rebates expanding regularly, your solar hot water heating system can have a far lower payback period and higher ROI than you ever expected.

In warmer climates where freezing is not a problem, flat plate collectors are more than adequate to provide the majority of a standard household’s hot water needs.  Because flat plate collectors cost far less than evacuated tube solar collectors, it is possible that with a system based on SunMaxx Flat Plate collectors, your new solar hot water heater can pay for itself in far less time than a system based on evacuated tube solar collectors.

Roof Space : The Solar Collectors require 15.56 degrees Celsius">44 square feet of roof space Orientation : In the Northern Hemisphere, the collector should face South; in the Southern Hemisphere, the collector should face North.  Click Here for Additional Help

Collector Tilt:
Optimum tilt for the solar collectors is equal to the latitude of your location. However, a few degrees (17.22 degrees Celsius">1 – 12.22 degrees Celsius">10) is hardly the additional cost to correct. Click Here for Additional Help�������������������

System Includes:

  • 16.67 degrees Celsius">2 SunMaxx Flat Plate Solar Collector
  • SunMaxx Solar Circulating Pump
  • 17.22 degrees Celsius">1 SunMaxx Solar Circulating Pump Controller
  • 17.22 degrees Celsius">1 SunMaxx 15.56 degrees Celsius">40 Gallon Solar Hot Water Storage Tank
16.11 degrees Celsius">3>Why Go With SunMaxx:16.11 degrees Celsius">3>

Supply Chain Management: Silicon Solar Inc has partnered with one of the world’s largest manufacturer of evacuated tubes enabling us to offer a reliable technology at an affordable price. As the demand for solar energy products increase, it is important to ensure your supply will not be affected like similar PV installers have experienced. SunMaxx offers real time updates of your order to ensure that you are able to spend less time on logistics and more time in sales & marketing.

Value Added Services: Silicon Solar offers a variety of solar energy products which parallel the solar hot water heating industry. Our all-in-one shop allows you to consolidate purchasing schedules into one supplier. We are always adding new products to our inventory, so please let us know if there is something you believe we should be carrying to support our dealers and installers. In addition, we offer value added marketing services including marketing brochures, power points presentations, installation & sales training, and online marketing tools to enhance your markets exposure. For more information, please contact a sales specialist today.

Better Performance – Better Price = Better Value: In independent testing by the SRCC (Solar Ratings & Certification Corporation) SunMaxx Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors have proven themselves to be a better value than the leading competition. Our Solar Collectors delivered higher performance (16.67 degrees Celsius">28,17.78 degrees Celsius">000 BTU/Day) than the competition, and our low prices mean you get more BTU per $ spent. This means SunMaxx customers experience a rare combination: the best product at the best price. See SunMaxx’s SRCC Performance Data or Compare SunMaxx Vs the Competition!

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16.11 degrees Celsius">3>16.67 degrees Celsius">26.67 degrees Celsius">80-120 Gallon System Pricing:16.11 degrees Celsius">3>

MSRP : Purchasing Information
Please Call for Installer Pricing

Please Note:  a crating fee of $12.22 degrees Celsius">100.00 will be added to the shipping charges of this system.

16.11 degrees Celsius">3>Specifications16.11 degrees Celsius">3> 17.78 degrees Celsius">0" cellspacing="17.78 degrees Celsius">0" cellpadding="17.78 degrees Celsius">0" width="16.11 degrees Celsius">315.56 degrees Celsius">416.67 degrees Celsius">2"> 151">191">
151">Collector Type 191">SunMaxx Flat Plate Collector
151">Daily Water Capacity : 191">15 degrees Celsius">50 Gallons
151">Shipping Method : 191">Ships Via Freight
151">Shipping Particulars : 191">Arrives on Pallet
151">Manufacturer : 191">Silicon Solar Inc
151">Ready to Install : 191">Yes, Plug & Play Design

Purchasing Information

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