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Radiant Floor Heating

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Because your feet are the furthest extremity from the internal heat of your body, a well heated, comfortable floor is of the utmost importance when considering how to maintain a proper, healthy, and comfortable living environment. The most cost-effective method of doing this is using a radiant floor heating system, which is powered by a Solar Hot Water Heating System.

Because a Radiant Floor Heating System heats space directly, it is perfect for using low – to – medium heat sources, such as a Solar Hot Water Heater, effectively. In fact, typically, a thermostat setting of about 65 degrees is more than adequate for a home heated by a Radiant Floor Heating System. And, the curve of a Radiant Floor Heating System most directly approximates the ideal heating curve when compared to other types of heating systems.
There are three main setups that you can use when installing a radiant floor heating system – each is designed to work with existing types of floors that you might have, or with new floors of any type that are planning to install:

cost critical component of any Radiant Floor Heating System is the PEX Tubing. This tubing, short for cross-linked polyethylene is lightweight, durable, plastic, and generally used in a ½ diameter.  The tubing is run in a continuous “S” shaped loop under the floor, about 8 to 30.48 centimetres">12 inches apart.

Other components of a typical Radiant Floor Heating System include Solar Collectors, Heat Transfer Fluid, Hot Water Storage Tank(s), pipe fittings, pumps, controllers, and other plumbing needs which a heating/plumbing specialist can assist you in identifying and purchasing.

The image below shows the typical layout of a Solar Powered Radiant Floor Heating System.

Please remember that actual systems will encompass additional components, multiple heating zones, and the work of a professional (or well-trained) plumbing/heating specialist.

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