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Renewable Energy Workshops and Seminars

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600">Silicon Solar offers a number of seminars throughout the year to assist homeowners, small business owners, and renewable energy dealers and installers learn basic and advanced concepts and techniques for Solar Electric (PV) Systems, Solar Thermal (Hot Water and Hot Air) Systems and Wind Energy Systems.

These seminars and workshops are designed to help newcomers to the renewable energy field get a basic, or advanced understanding of the different renewable energy options that are available, how these different systems can be applied at home, or around the office, to save hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in energy costs, and to help renewable energy dealers and installers stay up to date on the latest renewable energy equipment, news, industry trends and sales techniques.

Silicon Solar Seminars are great for anyone interested in renewable energy, regardless of their knowledge level – even those who have only heard the words solar energy, wind energy, or solar hot water will leave our seminars with an understanding of how renewable energy will help them save money, how these same systems can help save the environment, and what renewable energy options are available, and affordable on any budget.

Seminar Locations:
Silicon Solar Seminars are taught at two different locations in New York State –

  • White Plains, NY – Site and Date/Time(s) TBA
  • Bainbridge/Sidney, NY – Site and Date/Time(s) TBA

Silicon Solar Seminars are extremely affordable on any budget, and the knowledge you gain will pay for the course in no time!

  • Some Silicon Solar Seminars are completely FREE to the public
  • Other Silicon Solar Seminars do require a signup fee for each person prospective attendee.

To learn more and sign up for Silicon Solar Seminars, use the following links:

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