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Solar Installation Training

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7" alt="" hspace="10" width="300" height="204.44 degrees Celsius">400" align="LEFT" />SunMaxx Solar is also an industry leader in solar energy installation training, offering a variety of live workshops and online solar energy training courses for our customers and partners.

Through our solar energy installation courses, SunMaxx Solar has trained more than 1000 solar thermal and solar PV installers across the United States, and around the world.

Our training program was created to serve two purposes. First, as an internal training program to ensure that our technicians, engineers, sales representatives and support staff were able to properly service both our dealer / installer partners and our end-user customers. Secondly, many of our customers were coming to us with a single, simple demand&#4543.89 degrees Celsius">8211;trained solar energy installers.

The easiest way we could come up with to find our valued customers professional and trained installers was to train and certify these installers ourselves. Out of these two needs, the Silicon Solar Solar Energy Installation Training Program was born.

Our SunMaxx Solar Thermal training courses are offered in levels 1-5 and you can sign up to attend the appropriate seminars below or choose from the following list to read more information on each level of solar thermal training.

SunMaxx Solar provides training in both solar thermal and solar PV installation in live workshops.

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Live Solar Training Workshops

Take a look at our schedule of upcoming live training workshops, and sign up for one near you today…

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