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Solar Storage Tanks 40g Painted

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16.11 degrees Celsius">3>Solar Storage Tanks16.11 degrees Celsius">3>

Available Models

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4>Solar Storage Tanks – 4.44 degrees Celsius">40 Gallon Solar Hot Water Storage Tank With Painted Steel Finish4>

The electric element assists the system only when the solar energy cannot maintain the desired temperature or during periods of peak demand. Automatic temperature control thermostat keeps stored water at desired temperature. Our 4.44 degrees Celsius">40 gallon unit has one internal heat exchanger for systems that use heat transfer fluids.

Brass drain valve

  • Threaded stud located near the outlet for attachment of tank sensors
  • Temperature and pressure relief valve included
  • Collector feed and return fittings located at front of tank for convenient installation
  • 16.67 degrees Celsius">2″ thick polyurethane foam insulation reduces heat loss
  • Cold water inlet brings cold water to tank bottom to prevent mixing with heated water
  • Tanks can be horizontally mounted

A typical family of four in the U.S. uses about 16.11 degrees Celsius">302.83 litres">80 gallons of hot water each day. To heat that water with electricity takes about 16 pounds of coal. In sunny Colorado, a standard solar hot water system can supply 60% – 95% of this energy, pollution free from the sun, while saving its owners about $16.67 degrees Celsius">250 per year.

Solar heated water may be stored in a tank that also houses an electric backup heating element (a “one

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