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SunMaxx Solar Product Catalog - Solar Hot Water Heaters
Product Catalog: Solar Hot Water Heaters
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HelioMaxx Prepackaged Solar Hot Water Kits HelioMaxx
Pre-Packaged Kits
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View Our HelioMaxx Pre-Packaged Kits:

All HelioMaxx Kits
Cold Climate Residential DHW Kits
Warm Climate Residential DHW Kits
Residential Combi Heating Kits
Commercial Solar Heating Kits

ConnectMaxx Solar Hot Water Mounting Hardware ConnectMaxx
Mounting Hardware
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View Our ConnectMaxx Mounting Hardware:

All ConnectMaxx Hardware
For TPP-SU Series
For TPP-AU Series
For VHP Series Evacuated Tubes

FlowMaxx Pre-Insulated Solar Line Set FlowMaxx
Pre-Insulated Lineset
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View Our Pre-Insulated Lineset:

All FlowMaxx Line Set
Basic FlowMaxx Line Set
Buried FlowMaxx Line Set

View Our Pre-Insulated Lineset Accessories:

Quick Connects

ThermoPower Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors ThermoPower
Evacuated Tube Collectors
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View Our Evacuated Tube Collectors:

All Evacuated Tube Collectors
VHP - Heat Pipe Collectors
VDF - Direct Flow Collectors
VTS - ThermoSyphon Collectors

TitanPower Flat Plate Solar Collectors TitanPower
Flat Plate Collectors
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View Our Flat Plate Collectors:

All Flat Plate Collectors
TitanPower SU Series
TitanPower AA Series
TitanPower AU Series
Residential Flat Plates
Commercial Flat Plates

SmartMaxx Solar Hot Water Controllers SmartMaxx
Solar Controllers
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View Our SmartMaxx Controllers:

All Controllers
SunWatcher System Monitors

StorMaxx Solar Storage Tanks StorMaxx
Storage Tanks
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View Our Solar Storage Tanks:

All StorMaxx Tanks
Residential Boiler Backup Storage Tanks
Residential Electric Backup Storage Tanks
Residential Gas/Propane Backup Storage Tanks
Residential Drainback Storage Tanks
Residential Marathon Plastic Storage Tanks
Non-Pressure Storage Tank

UniMaxx Solar Hot Water Pump Stations UniMaxx
Solar Pump Stations
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View Our UniMaxx Pump Stations:

All Pump Stations
Residential Stations
Large Commercial Stations
Small Commercial Stations

SunMaxx Dealer Marketing Materials SunMaxxDealers
Marketing Materials
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View Our Marketing Materials:

All Marketing Materials

EduPower Training Workshops & Products EduPower
Solar Pump Stations
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View Our EduPower Training:

All Training Products
Installer Training Workshops
Demo Collectors & Stations

XMaxx Solar Hot Water Accessories XMaxx
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View Our XMaxx Accessories:

All XMaxx Accessories
Expansion Tanks
Solar Glycol
Circulator Pumps
Installation Tools
Solar Software
Overstocked & Discontinued

View Our Heat Exchangers

All Heat Exchangers
Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers
Air-To-Water Heat Exchangers
Butler Wands
Copper/Stainless Steel Coils

View Product Documents: Document Database